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Truck Sweepers TK 6000 - 10000

Our experience over decades enables us to deal with individual requests from customers in a flexible and innovative way with always a special attention to environmental issues to avoid noise and dust.

The special exhaust air duct results into a quite low noise emission level. The minimum suitable wheelbase for any standard truck is about 3,560mm. The available hopper sizes have volumes from 6m³ up to 10m³ or even more. The technical requirements for the truck chassis are depending on the specifications of the sweeper attachment and have to be determined individually. The hopper as well as the integrated water tank are manufactured from stainless steel. The high performance suction fan is driven hydraulically. There are different fans with different power stages available.

The drive for the system is alternatively provided by an auxiliary diesel engine according to the valid exhaust norms or provided by a hydraulic system driven by the chassis´ PTO. A CAN-Bus system controls all relevant functions of the system.

To ensure an all-year-usage of the carrier vehicle all our attachments can be manufactured and mounted as a “quick-exchangeable system”. Depending on the chassis´ specification all sweepers can be offered as single-sided or dual-sided sweepers together with a big variety of many other options.

TK 6000

Standard sweeper with a waste-hopper volume of 6.0m³ and a 1,600l water tank. Right hand sided sweeping system, high-performance suction system with max. 13,000 m³/h in the standard version 

TK 7000 DUAL

Hopper volume 7.0 m³

Water tank 2,000l

Dual sided (right and left) sweeping system

High-performance suction fan “S” with 18,000 m³/h

Requires mandatory technical equipment!

Video truck-mounted sweeper

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