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TGA Sprinkler Arm

An attachment specifically designed for watering and spraying trees, plant troughs, hanging baskets and grass strips.

The sprinkler arm can be built on any standard front mounting plate of a device carrier and is by means of hydraulic cylinders in all planes swivel able and adjustable. Depending on the application, appropriate water pumps are available. The carrier vehicle can be upgraded with a variety of accessories such as various tank sizes, hose reels, etc., so that equipment can be optimally used.

Sprinkler Arm

Swivel joint 200° from left to right and back

All swivel- and control functions are done by hydraulic-cylinders and are adapted to each front-exchange-system.

Total offset-range 4,000 or 5,000 mm

GFK Water tank
PP - tank
Polypropylene-tank including painted side-panels

Water Tanks

Depending on the chassis various tank-types and accessories are available

Requires mandatory technical equipment!

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