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TRILETY Tunnelwash

In addition to various street washing vehicles, we have also gained in recent years a lot of experience in tunnel cleaning. There are various high-pressure cleaning assemblies, adapted to various vehicle chassis for versatile and efficient applications..

Models for cleaning the tunnel walls, tunnel ceilings, retaining niche, etc. are adapted accordingly and equipped with different high pressure pumps as well as horizontally and vertically extendable nozzle bars, so that an optimal adaptation to the tunnel profile is guaranteed.

Roof Washer

telescopeable, for a perfect adjustment  on the tunnel roof , so that a optimal cleaning is insured.

Washing Bar

for pre-treatment of the surfaced tunnel walls with  cleaning supplies.

Special Washing Bar

laterally fold out, with special nozzles for a intensive high-pressure cleaning of the tunnel walls.

*Requires mandatory technical equipment

Video tunnelwash

Brochure on request