MTK 3 - Glycol-/Liquid-Suction-Unit

This suction-system is concipatet especially for sucking deicer at airports. The attachment is designed for mounting onto Multihog MX chassis or similar. 

Suction mouth

2 hydraulically liftable suction-nozzles pick up the liquid. 

The draining can be done either via extra drainage coupling, via additional hose or via the rear door.

DSC_0001 (4)

Observation flap

to ensure a quick and easy maintenance and cleaning of the unit, several observation- and service-flaps are on both sides of the hopper


the high performance suction fan provides enough under pressure to suck up different kind of liquids (water, glycol,….)


*Requires mandatory technical equipment !

Video Glycol/Fluid-Sucking-Unit

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