There are streets, places and city-centres where truck mounted sweepers are too big and small compact sweepers are just too small.

For these situations our „middle-sized“ sweepers are the best solution. The carrier vehicles for these attachments have a sufficient payload and are still very maneuverable, that enables a high number of possible operations.

The hopper volumes of these models are from 2.3 m3 up to 6.0 m3.

The hopper and the integrated water tank are manufactured totally from stainless steel. The high performance suction system is driven hydraulically and has an air volume of 11,000m3  per hour at 3,300 min-1.

Various options are available and can provide a optimum specification oft he machine to meet all possible tasks.

All attachments are fast exchangeable, so the unit can be operated also with other attachments over the whole year.