Small sweeper TK-M

The sweeper attachment TK-M can be mounted onto the platforms or ball-systems of various carrier systems, e.g. Ladog T-1250, Boki or similar. The attachment can be demounted quickly so the chassis can be used for other attachments easily (e.g. winter maintenance, mowing, etc.)


to increase the sweeping width, the standard 2-brush-system can be replaced by a 3-brush-system.

The sweeping width can reach up to 2.600mm.

With that option the rear 2 brushes become fixed „transport-brushes“ and the third brush is then the „working-brush“ which can work either from the right or left side.

Waste hopper

Manufactured from stainless steel, 1.8m3 volume, mounted onto the ball-system oft he carrier chassis.

Tipping height approx. 1.450mm.

Basic frame with tipping function

for an easier access to the components of the chassis for maintenance works. Lateral flap on the side for access to water filter and accessories storage.

Requires technical minimum equipement!

Productvideo TK-M

Brochure on request